Values, Vision and Mission

Our Core Values

Our core values are the heart of our work culture. These are the four pillars using which we make all our decisions.

Ethical Business Practices
– Health Consciousness
– Comply with Statutory requirements
– Integrity
– Human Values
Brand Promise
– Freshness
– Quality & Natural ingredients
– Hygienic Production Facility
– Product Info/ Awareness
Rewarding/Enriching Work Experience
– Train and Support Team for growth
– Manpower is our greatest Asset
– Recognize extraordinary achievements
– Work should be FUN!
Focus on Transformation
– Individual
– Family
– Community

Our Vision Statement

Our vision statement inspires and motivates our Team by providing a picture of where our Company is headed.

Vision Statement

Swits-n-Snax Vision is to be

“Peoples first choice for authentic Indian Delicacies”

People – Our customers, our employees
Authentic – in the same original form as it used to be
Indian Delicacies – we currently manufacture & distribute Bhuja range of Snacks

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement defines our purpose of existence i.e. what the Company does and why. It spells out what how we will conduct ourselves with everyone we deal with and in doing so, we will achieve our Vision.

Mission Statement

  1. Customers: To earn our customers’ loyalty, we listen to them, anticipate their needs, and act to create satisfying memorable experience.
  2. Products & Services: We are in the business of manufacturing & distributing Authentic Indian Delicacies using finest natural ingredients.
  3. Markets: Our focus is in the South Pacific with potential to sell in Global markets
  4. Technology: We will continue to manufacture using innovative technology to up keep quality & authenticity
  5. Philosophy: We value our People, Planet and value our family heritage.
  6. Concern for Employees: To recruit, develop, motivate, reward, and retain personnel of exceptional ability, character, and dedication by providing good working conditions, superior leadership, compensation on the basis of performance, an attractive benefits program, opportunity for growth, and a high degree of employment security.
  7. Survival, Growth & Profitability: our business will be conducted in a prudent manner which will ensure Bhikhabhai Group’s ultimate success and survival.
  8. Self- Concept: We will maintain our original production methodology using the finest natural ingredients.
  9. Concern for Public Image: We will upkeep our good corporate citizenship and will be involved in local community wellness projects.


Kings Road, Yalalevu Ba, Republic of Fiji Islands